Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mz Computers - Software Update Management

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Patch Deployment & Management with System Center Configuration Manager 2012

Key Investment in Update Management

§  Configuration
§  Superseded update support
§  SUM admin role
§  Client admin settings
§  Migration from SCCM 2007
§  Deployment
§  Simplified update groups
§  Automated deployments
§  End user experience
§  Maintenance
§  In-console view and monitoring
§  In-console alerts
§  Reporting
§  Content library and cleanup

Configure: Superseded Update

§  Publisher can expire or supersede software updates
§  SCCM 2007 automatically expires superseded updates
§  Update Publisher can control supersedence behavior
§  Supersedence rule can be created either to
§  Immediately expire a superseded update
§  Extend expiry of a superseded update for specific period

Configure: Migration from SCCM 2007

§  Migrate packages, deployment, list and templates
§  All the packages migrated could be seen under Software Updates and could be used to create new deployments
§  Persist update content availability from SCCM 2007 through Distribution Point sharing